Silver laundromat startup package

The Silver Package is the typical configuration for a laundromat startup in a medium traffic area.

The silver package is composed of 8 pockets
– (2x) 10Kg front load washers
– (2x) 10Kg top load washers
– (2x) 10Kg stacked Dryers.

Each equipment does 1 turn (cycle) per hour resulting to a maximum of 80 turns per day (10 hours opening). Again, this can be customised as per the other packages.

This package requires a slightly bigger surface area of 32.2 SqM to accommodate the extra pockets and the remaining minimum necessary requirements for a laundromat with a waiting area, a folding table and a pre-treating sink.

The Silver Package is the typical startup laundromat for a medium traffic area and incorporates some front load washers that can be self-heating for more heavy duty work.

Laundromat Silver Package
Legend Quantity Description
L01 2 10 kg front load washer
L02 2 10 kg top load washer
L03 2 10 kg stack dryer
L04 1 single bowl sink with drain board
L05 1 table
L06 2 chair