Gold laundromat startup package

The Gold Package is a full functionality laundromat startup for a medium / heavy traffic area.

The Gold package is also composed of 8 pockets but with higher capacities on the 2 larger machines.
– (3x) 10Kg stacked washer + dryer
– (1x) 13Kg washer
– (1x) 13Kg tumble dryer

Each equipment does 1 turn (cycle) per hour resulting to a maximum of 80 turns per day (10 hours opening)

The addition of the 13Kg capacity set will allow for the processing of big items (curtains, quilts, seat covers) which means you can charge more per cycle.

The area of 38.5 SqM, will fit the extra pockets and also allow handling of bigger items while providing the minimum necessary requirements for a laundromat with a waiting area, a folding table and a pre-treating sink.

The Gold Package is a full functionality laundromat for a medium / heavy traffic area with the capability of processing larger items.

Laundromat Gold Package
Legend Quantity Description
L01 3 10 kg stack washer-dryer
L02 1 13 kg hardmount washer-extractor
L03 1 13 kg tumble dryer
L04 1 single bowl sink with drain board
L05 1 table
L06 3 chair