Platinum laundromat startup package

The Platinum Package is an advanced offering for a laundromat startup in heavy traffic area.

This package is the laundromat more advanced level model; it is composed of 8 larger pockets:
– (4x) 13Kg front load washers
– (2x) 13Kg stacked Dryers.

Each equipment does 1 turn (cycle) per hour resulting to a maximum of 80 turns per day (10 hours opening)

With an area of 47.6 SqM, this laundromat design provides extra services as different points of sales (Vending machines) and table seating options.

The Platinum Package is an advanced laundromat offering with high capacity machines and additional sales points.

Laundromat Platinum Package
Legend Quantity Description
L01 4 13 kg hardmount washer
L02 2 13 kg stack dryer
L03 1 single bowl sink with drain board
L04 1 table
L05 4 chair
L06 1 coffee vending machine
L07 1 softdrink vending machine