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It’s a fact. The laundry business market continues to expand all over the world. There are new laundromats opening every day in every part of the world and this growth will carry on with ever more impetus.

As populations continue to grow, urbanisation gathers speed and time becomes even more precious, people look for easier, more efficient and more cost-effective ways of living.

Doing laundry is a necessity and despite the increasing numbers of domestic washing machines the number of laundromats keeps on increasing.

The success of laundry business is due principally to a few key reasons:

• A laundromat service is on demand. You pay when you use it – unlike having an expensive machine at home that is used rarely and that ties up capital.

• The laundry service with professional machines is quick. You can wash and dry a full load in an hour in some cases – saving valuable time.

• Some items such as duvets / comforters are too bulky to be washed in a domestic washing machine. Actually, most of laundromat customers come the first time to wash their duvet. When they see the results, they return more and more often.

• Finally, the laundromat market continues to do so well because opening a self-service laundromat is a profitable business and is attractive for investors. The initial investment is relatively modest, the fixed and variable costs are reasonable, there are no staff costs, the risks of payment default are zero and the return on investment is rapid.

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