Testimonials from laundry business investors

They have successfully invested in a laundromat. Discover their testimonials and be inspired by their history to get started in laundry business

I have owned my laundry for 4 years now and have been supported by Alliance Laundry since the beginning. They helped me with the layout (which is still the best I have seen), they gave detailed drawings to my builder and they helped me with installation tips. Since that time my laundry has expanded twice and I have added another shop – all with Alliance. The machines are simple, very strong, and exceed my expectations. I have no hesitation in recommending the Alliance team for any laundry related business!

Elmarie Coetzee, Laundry Corporation - South Africa

At UClean, we have been Alliance loyalists from Day 1. And our faith has never been dented even once. Whether it’s the performance of the Speed Queen or Primus machines or the after-sales service they offer, the Alliance Laundry team has ticked all the boxes. The performance of the machines and their durability is particularly impressive in Indian conditions where wear and tear and mishandling is rampant. Alliance Laundry has been our only choice as we continue to expand across the country.

Arunabh Sinha, Founder UClean - India

The moment I saw the machine ,I could visualise my future with Alliance heavy duty, technology driven master piece creation SpeedQueen. I have been using SpeedQueen Quantum since last two years and so much satisfied for stores opened in Pune and Navi Mumbai. My trust is with Quantum only. KWICKWASH now is into franchisee model and my trust is unchanged. Looking forward on upgrading us with your invention in latest technology.

Anup Sharma, Director KWICKWASH - India

We have been associated with Alliance Laundry for a substantial period now; As everyone know in Straits Laundry we believe in our work which gives top notch feel to the end user. This has been possible with the support from Alliance Laundry and Speed Queen.
We have been getting a tremendous support from Alliance Laundry Systems to go all guns blazing in every vertical. Speed Queen with it’s great performance and innovation precisely to mention such as Quantum Touch, SQ insights and Value centre adds an impeccable value to the product.This makes us stand out and elite in the range for our end users.We look forward to have a great time ahead in this wonderful association.

Sheikh Babu Nooruddin, Chief Executive Officer - Straits Laundry PTE Ltd.