Coin operated laundromat vs serviced laundromat

Should you invest in a coin operated laundromat or in a serviced laundromat?
Here is some useful information to help you make your choice

In brief there are 2 general types of laundromats.

The first is a self-service model.

This means that the customers / users take care of the entire process themselves. They load the machine, choose the program, load detergent (if necessary), complete the financial transaction (whether by coin, card, payment app etc payment types), unload the machine and repeat the process for the dryer. The owner / manager is not present and generally is only there to open and close the store – although that can also be automated if required! This model is very popular in Europe, the USA and parts of Asia. Because the machines need to be used by customers, they tend to have either very simple controls and coin boxes (insert coin and push start) or more intuitive Touch screen controls that guide customers through the process.

Illustration of coin operated laundromat machines

The second type of laundromat is one that is serviced.

This means that there is a staff member (or more) present at all times who will actually assist in the laundry. The level of assistance is up to the store owner. The most basic one is where the “attendant” collects the money and helps with program selection, starting the machine etc. They can also sell detergent if that is part of the business model. The more “serviced” the laundromat is, the more the staff can do. In some stores the staff actually do everything for the customer and the store functions more as a drop off / collection point. This model is more popular in Africa, India and the Middle East region. Machines can be equipped with payment systems or can be “cashless” models and can have a range of controls depending on what the owner wishes.


Serviced laundromat

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