About the success of laundromat investment

Illustration: woman using a laundromat - About the success of laundromat investment

There are many reasons why you should consider a laundromat investment. Here are a few

We have seen on the home page some of the key reasons for the success of laundromats;
• Population growth,
• Urbanisation,
• Time constraints,

But there are several other fundamental reasons.

Not everyone has a domestic type washing machine at home and some homes do not have space for a washer and / or dryer.

A home washer is expensive – especially if you only use it once a week. A laundromat is on demand – you only pay when you need it. This makes it very attractive for astute cash managers.

In a laundry, you can wash up to 25 kg of linen in no time at all, whilst enjoying the advantage of a professional service. This would be equal to 5 washes at home and close to 10 hours of work!

Some items, such as comforters / duvets / curtains, are too bulky to be washed in a domestic washing machine. This is a core business of most laundromats and the majority of first-time customers come into the store to wash their duvet.

Finally, the laundromat market continues to do so well because opening a self-service laundromat is a profitable business and attractive for investors. The initial investment is relatively modest, the fixed and variable costs are reasonable, there are no staff costs, the risk of payment default are zero and the return on investment rapid.

Benefits of investing in a laundromat