Card operated payment system for Alliance commercial laundry machines

Payment systems for professional laundry machines - card

Card operated payment systems allow laundry business owners to operate Laundromats without the use of tokens. Learn more.

With recent advances in technology there has been a proliferation of card payment systems manufacturers.

In brief there are 2 general types of card payment systems:

  • Card readers for credit/debit cards: Allows customers to pay with their personal credit / debit card.
  • Card readers for prepaid cards: Allows customers to purchase and top-up the card.

Card payment systems offer many benefits to laundromat owners and customers:

  • Easy operations / Improve Convenience – No collection of coins/tokens
  • Potential to increase revenue – allows for smaller adjustments to pricing
  • Customer loyalty – once people put money on the card, they keep coming back. Also, many card payment systems offer loyalty programs.
  • Flexible Pricing – allows regulation of peak time usage with premium pricing
  • Safety – makes collection quicker and eliminate theft from coin boxes
  • Ensure Monitoring Ease
  • Create Marketing Edge
  • Enhance Engagement